COVID-19 Safety

As New York, and the rest of the world struggle during the current health crisis, it is important
for us to keep you informed during a time where regulations keep continuously evolving and
changing. Our number one priority during this time is the safety of our employees and clients.

As you know, the State of New York has placed an executive order where only essential
companies/workers, would be authorized to operate until further notice. Moving and
Warehousing has been classified as “essential” and as of now, we continue to operate at
maximum capasity. As a result we are minimizing our mover’s interaction with customers, and
we are implementing the following safety measures.

• Our movers will wear gloves and mask at all times.
• Hand shaking as a greeting is no longer allowed.
• If possible, customer must make plans to step outside while our movers are
loading/unloading their belongings, this is to minimize crowding in the apartment,
or wear a face mask while in the apartment.
• If any of our employees is not feeling well, they are instructed to stay home until
they are fully recuperated and cleared by a medical professional.
• Please designate a bathroom for our employees to use for hand washing, and
make soap available.
• We perform daily disinfecting cleaning of the truck after every job.

As we push forward and hope for a return to normal, we will be updating or safety
measures, and do our best to perform a safe and efficient move for all our clients.