With 15 years of experience in the moving industry, we have identified & and are focused on providing exceptional service. Empire State moving has a mission and that is to become a premier provider of quality in the moving industry. We are committed to total customer satisfaction, growth, stability, and to treating everyone who comes into contact with Empire State moving honestly, fairly, and professionally.

After 15 years in the moving industry we operate under three priorities; our first priority and always will be the customer. We strive every day, in every way, to perform our service to the satisfaction of every customer. Our second priority is growth and increasing our volume of business by providing each customer with a superior service experience.

We know that satisfied customers are more likely to be repeat Empire State moving customers and to share their positive experience with others. Our third priority is charging realistic prices for services. In the ever competitive and not always fair moving industry charging realistic prices, not cutting corners and performing exceptional services will help us serve customers in the professional manner which they have the right to expect.


Empire State moving offers packing services that can be customized to meet the needs of any move, large or small. We find that underestimating the time and energy required to pack for a move is very common and it can be one of the most stressful aspects of planning for a move. Our professional, careful movers and packers are expertly trained to pack items of any quantity, value, or fragility, from a library of books to a cabinet of fine china. Professional packing services from Empire State Moving will ensure that your items packed efficiently and transported safely. Ask about our full packing, partial packing & unpacking services.


For everyone that would rather not worry about packing at all. We will send a team of experienced movers and packers to your home to pack up the attic to the basement and everything in between. Of course, we will leave out any items you’ll need on the night before moving, and quickly pack those up on move day.


If you don’t mind packing some (or even most) of your items on your own, but would like some additional help, we can accommodate that too. Perhaps you’d like us to tackle a large collection of breakables, or just work on preparing storage areas for the move-we’re happy to.


Moving is generally an exhausting experience, even if you hire professionals to do the hard labor. If you would like some assistance settling in to your new home, we can undertake the entire job or simply provide a few hours of service-your call. Is moving day tomorrow and you’re still not packed? Not to worry. Contact your moving coordinator as soon as possible about arranging packing services. We will make every effort to accommodate you, even last minute.



Q: Why should I hire a professional mover?

A: Hiring a professional mover delivers exceptional value on a day that can be otherwise very stressful. Moving can be both emotionally and physically draining, and handling delicate or bulky items with care requires specific moving skills. We highly recommend turning to professionals for this, as you would for many of your households needs such as plumbing and electricity.

Q: How much will my move cost?

A: We base an estimate for a local move on an hourly rate, which includes the drive time for each leg of the move: from the moving company to your original home, then to your destination, and back again to the moving company & actual supplies that are used. We also offer fixed prices what the move call for it.

Q: Is moving labor the only moving expense I should expect?

A: Moving labor represents the majority of the moving expense. However, you should also budget for packing supplies, such as moving boxes and tape and specialized crating & boxing of oversized/fragile items. Empire State moving takes special precautions with delicate or oversized items, such as flat screen televisions and chandeliers. These items often require a custom wooden crate, which will incur an additional fee.

Q: I want to do some packing and moving before the movers arrive. What areas would be most helpful?

A: Focus on packing, instead of moving. Smaller items and moving boxes can be moved very quickly by professional movers. Don’t spend time trying to move these items yourself. Rather, focus on packing boxes that are the most time consuming such as kitchen & closets, so when the movers arrive, you are ready and not thinking about what goes or what stays.

Q: What if I haven’t finished packing by my scheduled moving day?

A: If your moving day is rapidly approaching and it becomes clear that you will not be fully packed, it is critical that you inform your move coordinator as soon as possible. He/she can work with you to make the best possible plan for packing. This may mean having the movers finish your packing or, if you have the flexibility and we have the availability, pushing back your moving day in order to allow more time to pack. If you have a only a small quantity of items left to pack, your movers can often complete this on moving day; however, it is important to understand that this will add time to the job and, therefore, add to the total cost of the move. It is imperative that customers are realistic about how much they are able to do, because we all have families and work that sometimes do not allow us to complete a planned task.

Q: Are there any items that you can not move?

A: Empire State moving will not move hazardous or combustible items such as cash/jewelry, propane tanks, firearms, paint, and aerosols, as the temperature in the truck could cause these items to explode or ignite.

Q: Can the movers dispose of trash on moving day or deliver items for donation?

A: No. We are not equipped to dispose of trash. However, if you wish to have something transported to a waste disposal location, we are able to transport it at the hourly rate plus any fee imposed by the disposal facility. We can deliver items to Goodwill/Salvations Army per your request. If possible, talk to your move coordinator prior to moving day to make these arrangements.

Q: Can my movers clean my home on moving day?

A: While professional moving companies may vary, we at Empire State Moving clean up any clutter we make during the moving process, but we do not do general house cleaning. The moving crews are only responsible for relocating your furniture and boxes to your new home. We recommend asking for this type of service as a separate transaction.

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