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With regards to coverage available for your household goods, Empire State Moving offers you two options:


  1. You may declare in your own handwriting your estimated total value of the shipment in the designated area on your bill of lading. This is known as “added valuation” and the charge for it is $10.00 per $1000 of the declared value. Added valuation cannot exceed $10,000.00 per contract unless special arrangements are made with us, sufficiently in advance of your move.
  2. If you choose not to purchase added valuation, you may take advantage of the “built-in” policy on your bill of lading. This policy becomes effective when you declare in the appropriate space on the bill and in your own handwriting that you release your household goods for a value not exceeding “30 cents per pound, per article”. On weight-distance moves (as opposed to those charged on an hourly basis) the built-in policy extend coverage to no more than “60 cents per pound, per article“. In choosing this option, you limit Moving Man’s liability to 30 cents per pound per articleon hourly-rated jobs, and to 60 cents per pound per articleon weight distance moves.

Empire State Moving does not accept liability for glass, marble, lamps, TV’s, stereos, artwork and antiques unless they are properly boxed or crated by the carrier and all the charges listed on the bill of lading.


Unless negligence on the part of Empire State Moving can be proven, we are not liable for damages occurring to items packed by you. ALL CARTONS MUST BE CHECKED FOR DAMAGE AT TIME OF DELIVERY AND DAMAGED CARTONS SET ASIDE AND THEIR CONTENTS INSPECTED IMMEDIATLY. Otherwise, all claims will be denied. If you need tips on how to pack professionally.


Breakable items packed by Empire State Moving should be unpacked as well by Moving Man, Inc. to Insure safe unwrapping and to provide prompt claim settlements in the event of damage. However, if this unpacking is not possible, then the customer may unpack these cartons until any damage is discovered and then should immediately call Moving Man, Inc. It is essential that our representative inspect the damaged items in the cartons BEFORE the rest of the contents are moved.


Art, antiques, cash, jewelry, silver, china, etc. must itemized in writing and a copy of the list must be given to our foreman at the start of the job, so that the crew can exercise proper care and vigilance in packing and moving. We can, in some cases, disclaim responsibility for non-itemized articles of high value.


Inventory-taking is not automatically part of an Empire State Moving relocation. However, Empire State Moving will perform full or modified inventory at your request. There will be a minor, additional charge for running an inventory.


Empire State Moving is not responsible for the internal workings of any mechanical or electrical device unless Empire State Moving damages the exterior casing of that device.


Please examine your furniture thoroughly for scratches, cracks, and frayes already existing on your furniture prior to your move.


Plants and trees are moved at your own risk.


In the unlikely event of a claim, Empire State Moving will handle it promptly by competent repair, equivalent replacement, or replacement refund. All claims less than $1000 are deductible from our liability insurance and therefore must be handled in house in-house and paid entirely by Empire State Moving.


Many of our customers ask if they may tip the packers and the movers in recognition of good service. Our packers and movers are always motivated to provide good service, but recognition of good service in the form of tip is appropriate.

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